Coyote Man Self-Titled Full Length CD – Digital Download




The debut album from this Chicago based instrumental/progressive rock trio. Weaving intricately among various soundscapes, songs such as “What Once Was” and “Demon Sun”-focused around visceral, riff based guitars – are the juggernaut at the core of this release. The tribal drum rhythms of “Majestic Vixens” build to a primal, spiritual frenzy, whereas the haunting keys/synths of “Murder Designer” take the overall feel of this album toward new horizons, all while maintaining a cohesive, graceful balance.


  1. 11-55 (Almost Midnight)
  2. What Once Was
  3. Rest in Power
  4. Majestic Vixens
  5. Autonomous
  6. Murder Designer
  7. Lovers Become Strangers
  8. Demon Sun


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